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Issues & Information

Proposed New ECH Medical Staff Bylaws Remain Major Concern for Union County Physicians on ECH Medical Staff!  Although the consultant has resigned, the committee dealing with the consultant's draft "new" bylaws continues under orders of the medical staff's Medical Executive Committee to continue to try to make the unacceptable document into an updated and usable form.   The proposed "final" draft set of medical staff bylaws was released in October, 2014 by the Medical Executive Committee, but failed to be adopted at the Dec., 2014 medical staff quarterly meeting.   Through the auspices of our UCMS "Bylaws Defense Fund" the legal counsel services of America's top legal expert on medical staff issues, Elizabeth Snelson, Esq. has been engaged to critique the legal and accreditation issues in the "final draft" of the ECH Medical Staff bylaws.  Her critique in the form of a grid analysis table is currently being distibuted to UCMS members.  Check our newsletter page for additional information on this and related issues.
Introducing our new UCMS website:  www.ucms-pa.info 
A report about the results of our recent membership survey on enhancing our communication services was given at a recent meeting.  Survey results are as follows:
60% ask for more communications
60% favor a bimonthly newsletter as part of the meeting notice or meeting agenda
40% favor including officer and/or member profiles in the newsletter
40% recommend including ECH Medical Staff issues and/or news
40% favor including public health issues
80% of respondents answered questions about the UCMS website www.ucms-pa.info 
20% indicate they would probably not access the website (no reasons stated)
60% favor having two or more of the following information items on the website:  AMA & PMS legislative and issues updates; regional and on-line PMS programs including CME program dates; UCMS meetings schedule
50 % favor additional meeting sites
40% suggest more varied programs
20% suggest inviting local state legislature representatives and/or PMS staff for discussions
Use our links to get important information from the Pa. Medical Society and other medical professional organizations!

New and/or Revised AMA Publications: (www.ama-assn.org/ for more information)

Model Medical Staff Code of Conduct  (Revised to conform with The Joint Commission standards)

Model Conflict Management Process dealing with Medical Staff/Governing Body disagreement resolution

Principles for Physician Employment dealing with issues from both sides of contracts, etc. 

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